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(ICO) Lambda: High-speed, secure and scalable data storage infrastructure

Lambda is developed to provide high-speed, secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure which can provide storage capacities and deal with several millions of transactions per second. The infrastructure can be applied to a number of use cases such as trusted and secure data storage, public data access and transaction, IoT data storage and artificial intelligence data.

1. Technical idea

Lambda is developed to provide high-speed, secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure which can provide storage capacities and deal with several millions of transactions per second. The infrastructure can be applied to a number of use cases such as trusted and secure data storage, public data access and transaction, IoT data storage and artificial intelligence data.

Some outstanding features in the Lambda infrastructure are Sharding technology, Multi-chain cooperative storage, and Cross-chain data management. Lambda consists of Lambda Chain, Lambda P2P, Lambda DB, Lambda FS, Lambda ABE, Lambda TPA Chain and Lambda Agent.

Lambda Chain is a multi-chain system, including Turing Complete smart contracts and multi-chain transactions. Lambda Chain has three layers namely Main chain (Work-chain 0), Work-chain (from Work chain 1 to Work-chain n) and Shard Chain. Each Work chain (from Work chain 1) will be divided into multiple Shard chains. While the consensus mechanism of Main chain is Nominated Proof of Stake — NoPS, consensus mechanism of Shard chain is Byzantine Fault Tolerance — BFT. Similar to Delegated Proof of Stake, in the NoPS, stake owners also nominate representatives, and give those representatives an amount of stake deposits. The representatives will represent stake owners to join and make the decision in the verification process. Meanwhile, with BFT consensus mechanism, there are also delegates who represent network users to verify the transactions. A transaction which receives the approval of 2/3 delegates will be passed. Main chain is responsible for the processing of validators, nominators and fisherman. Validator nodes will take charge of transaction packing and block generation. Nominators are stake owners who entrust security deposits to validators. They play the role of supervisors. Meanwhile, fisherman nodes will act as malicious behavior detectors. If they report and prove the illegal behaviors of participators with deposits, they will be rewarded token.

Supporting the bottom layer of Lambda DB, Lambda FB includes a block storage system and a distributed file system. Lambda 2P2 is a network system with addressing functions while data will be stored in Lambda DB, a multi-database cluster system. Lambda Agent provides memory data storage. Accept from data storage, Lambda Agent also monitors the performance, security and uploading of metrics data. The database will be controlled by an attribute-based encrypted authentication access system (Lambda ABE). The TPA Chain (Work-chain 3) consists of validator nodes to verify data integrity.

There are many projects developing technologies for data storage. For example, Arweave is a protocol and it has a novel consensus mechanism, Proof of Access. Meanwhile, Lambda project creates infrastructure for different application scenarios. It uses 2 types of consensus mechanisms namely NPoS and BFT, which is more complicated. Its multi-chain management is creative and enables high TPS as well as scalability.

The white paper explains in detail the technology which is interesting. At the moment, there is no prototype, MVP or testnet of the network provided. However, regardless a familiar idea, it is worth keeping an eye on the technological development of the project.

2. Team

a. Core team

He Xiaongyang: A well-known software expert in China. He worked as an engineer for BEA Systems and Oracle. BEA Systems provided enterprise infrastructure software products and was acquired by Oracle, an American multinational computer technology corporation in 2008. He established Blue Ocean Communications OneAPM in 2008 and launched a SaaS (Software as a Service)-mode application performance management (APM) product in 2014. OneAPM is an APM SaaS company. Within 2014, OneAPM raised 300 million RMB — Chinese Yuan ~ 44.2 million USD of investment. He Xiaongyang is considered “China’s first person in the APM industry”.

Li Monan: China’s top programmer. He founded Coreseek and Log Insight. Coreseek is a Chinese Word Segmentation System which is widely used by Chinese Internet BBS (bulletin board system) community.

Alex Lototskiy: Senior principal security engineer. He has been worked for Symantec, a global leader in next-generation cyber security for 17 years.

He Bingqing: Assembly language expert. He is OneAPM’s co-founder & CTO.

Guo Hongqiang: A data scientist. He spent 5 years researching at Cornell University. His research in data science was sponsored by the U.S. government with 6 million dollars. After that, He worked as a data science manager at GNS Healthcare in Boston, USA.

Gao Haiqiang: A master of computer science. He graduated from Computer department of Tianjin University and Inner Mongolia University. He used to be the vice president of technology for a network optimization company. He also founded OneASP, a security subsidiary of OneAPM in 2015 and served as CEO.

Oleg Lyamtsev: A talented engineer. He has 26 years of experience in software development.

Haijun Zhao: He worked in Qunar, an online travel information provider and mainland search engine for web-based and online users in China. He was also Technical Vice President at OneAPM.

The above information about the team is taken from the white paper. The linkedIn accounts of most team members have limited access. Also, information about their previous companies or projects are mostly in Chinese language. The position of each member is not shown in the website and the white paper.

With the information provided by Lambda, the team is quite good and solid. They have been working together since they joined OneAPM. They have experience in technology and have their own successful company in China.

b. Advisor

The advisor team of Lambda is strong. Most of them are experts in technology. They are technical experts or consultants at several famous companies such as Alibaba, IBM, Baidu, Inc. Many of them also have their own startups.

3. Token economics

Currently, there is no information officially released about hardcap or token sale.

4. Roadmap

2018 Q1: Lambda technology demonstration and research

2018 Q3: Lambda core component development

2018 Q4: Lambda Chain test network development

2019 Q1: Test network construction and development based on Lambda paradigms

2019 Q2: Expansion of other data service capabilities and data transactions

What the team is going to do is displayed elaborately on the roadmap. However, in 2018 Q2, there is no information shown. Additionally, the development progress of the project is quite slow. It is only until 2018 Q4 will the project start to develop a testnet.

5. Community

Telegram: 42,242 members

Twitter: 3,524 followers

Facebook: 119 followers

Lambda is listed on many ICO websites. However, there is almost no comprehensive review on this project. Members in the Telegram group chat are not active. Maybe many of them are attracted to the project by the bounty program.



Regarding the idea, Lambda’s idea is potential. Data storage is one of the aspects that receives quite a lot concern from investors. Their illustration about the technology is clear and elaborated.

The team is also good. Especially, they are likely to have high commitment to the project because they have been working together to develop a company for quite a long time.

There are quite a lot funds invested in Lambda as it is shown on the website. However, the information is not verified because Logo of Lambda is not listed on websites of some funds. Meanwhile, the websites of other funds are written on Chinese.

Things to note

The information about the project is not really transparent. The information about the team and their role is not publicly released. It is difficult to confirm details provided in the white paper and website. The news to show that Lambda team actively joins blockchain events is limited.

There is not Github or MVP to show the technological development of the project. It will be difficult to persuade investors to believe in the potential of the project.

The community’s response to the project is not active even there are a huge number of members and followers in Telegram group chat and Twitter.

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Growth potential over 10x in 12 months.


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