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SEC Registered Broker-Dealer Is Launching a Security Token Platform

A broker-dealer registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is preparing to launch Gladius: a regulatory-compliant security token platform.

  • New Hampshire-based Watchdog Capital said Thursday that issuers would be able to use Gladius to offer security tokens.
  • In a statement, Watchdog said Gladius could provide companies with more access to capital as well as better opportunities for investors.
  • Gladius, which has been built to be compatible with existing U.S. securities laws, is currently in beta mode.
  • Bruce Fenton, CEO of Watchdog’s parent Chainstone Labs, told CoinDesk Gladius plans to host the first offering in the next three months.
  • As Watchdog is a registered broker-dealer, Fenton said Gladius can be used for SEC-exempted offerings, including crowdfunds.
  • Watchdog has to approve each offering; certain Reg A offerings may also need approval from the SEC.
  • The broker-dealer does not have the appropriate licenses to offer secondary trading or custodial services on Gladius.
  • The platform is blockchain-agnostic and can also be used to issue paper equity – investors can either pay in fiat or cryptocurrencies.
  • Fenton said his company believes it’s the only broker-dealer launching a U.S. security token platform at this time.
  • He added that security tokens may well open up a new regulated investment avenue for companies in the decentralized finance space.


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