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UBEX – ICO Token Review

The digital advertising market has grown actively in the last 4 years; its size exceeded the size of the television segment in 2017. This is a historic event for the advertising market. One of the most promising segments of digital advertising is program advertising, which shows an average annual growth rate of more than 23% versus a 4% growth rate of non-programmatic segments. The size of the advertising software market will reach $ 42 billion by 2020. Ubex proposes to solve these problems by combining all the advantages of programming technologies, neural networks and smart contracts into a single system. With this approach, Ubex provides a transition from the traditional pay-per-click scheme to the payment of targeted actions, which is the most fair and interesting model for all market participants. We introduce you to the Ubex project – a global and decentralized exchange of programmatic advertising based on neural networks and smart contracts. Ubex’s mission is to create a global advertising ecosystem with a high level of mutual trust and maximum efficiency.

Ubex: advertiser service
Advertisers can set up and run an ad campaign with just a few clicks. Tasks that required a whole team of digital marketing professionals can now be taken over by Ubex’s algorithms. An advertising campaign is created through a personal account in four simple steps:

  • Create an offer and specify business terms – You specify the cost of advertising or a percentage of the sale, as well as deferred payment (for advertisers with a high rating). Additionally, the advertiser chooses the targeted actions that they are willing to pay the publishers for.
  • Select a widget or create your own – Widgets can be customized by the advertiser and can also be provided by the scholarship (for example, payday loan, a form to obtain microcredits). In the case of custom widgets, simply load a banner or video and install and configure all the necessary forms through a handy designer available in the personal account. For more complex configurations, the widgets can be written to a custom Java script code.
  • Select audience interests, view time, geography, and other criteria. – Once you’ve set up the widget, the advertiser sets the rules for displaying the ads so that the advertising is as relevant as possible to the audience. Parallel to the settings, the neural network provides predictions of the effectiveness of the personalized advertising campaign.
  • Start an ad campaign and monitor the results. – With the help of a personal account in the Ubex system, the advertiser can monitor in real time all the key metrics for the advertising campaign created. These metrics include the targeted actions that were taken, their time, the publishers on whose platforms advertising was displayed, the activity of these publishers in the ad campaigns. The neural network also provides up-to-date reports on the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Payment is made only after completion of the specific actions specified in the offer. The funds are credited from the amount retained in the custody system of the Ubex encryption financial platform or the advertiser’s account at the time indicated in the smart contract (in the case of billing payments to advertisers with high ratings).

The Ubex Platform

The Ubex platform will provide ample opportunities not only to publishers and advertisers, but also to companies that need regression analysis of user data. The system’s neural core, which is responsible for making decisions at all stages of the life cycle of the advertising material, will have an API, access to which can be provided to partner companies. The behavioral decision-making blockchain allows one to evaluate user data and make a judgment about the perceived interests of the user. This regression estimate may be used not only to display advertising materials, but for other purposes as well. The API will provide an opportunity to retrieve the list of expected categories with an estimate for each based on the query with user data. Training the system core to obtain relevant and accurate forecasts is a laborious process. In this regard, the platform will provide the capability of adding statistical data to the site user’s actions, which can be used as a training sample for the core system. The site owners who provided data will receive reimbursement proportional to the contribution of the data provided for training the core system. These actions are similar to mining, when users are rewarded for labor-intensive work (providing statistical data for the formation of a training sample).

The Ubex Wallet

The UBEX Token will act as a payment unit on the Ubex platform. The need for an ICO Tokenis based on the need to credit funds from advertisers’ accounts for the displays of advertising materials that they have bought. Basic cryptocurrencies do not allow the crediting of funds from third party accounts even if one has permission from the third parties. The Token allows for setting quotas (allowances) to a specific address within which the owner of the address can use the funds available on the account. Crediting is possible only on condition that the account holder has established the size of the quota and only from the address to which the quota is issued, otherwise the funds can not be credited.

UBEX Tokens

UBEX Tokens are blockchain Tokens, which are digital Tokens created on a blockchain as part of a decentralized software protocol. UBEX Tokens are crypto-Tokens issued on the Ethereum platform on the basis of an ERC20 standard contract. UBEX Tokens are payment Tokens designed to support transactions on the Ubex platform. To know current trend of ICOs, you can check ICO stats.

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